Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fiskars Demo was such fun!

Note the Tshirt even!!!
I had a great day, heaps of interested customers and heaps of sales pitches!! i adore selling stuff i have faith in, makes it really easy to spread the enthusiasm, got some neat pics too, to my left is my err extended "organised space" and to the right is Kim and Sangita, 2 of the friendly craft customer service crew at Spotlight Manukau.

The favourite thing of the day was the poster! seems trivial but was cool to see the big Fiskars poster with my name on it:


NanaBeth said...

Definitely needed big picture of you on it!

Mummy LOL said...

Oh yea baby go you fiskars demonstrator.

Trina said...

whoooohooooo. Look at you! Love the pics. How cool to have the staff in your pics. Love it.


enyadas_mum said...

your famous... dang about time.!!! lol