Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hmm slight hold up with the book pics..

Ok i was GOING to take pictures - i promise! however it has come to my little brain that i can do something better - my sister had 3 of those little boxes FULL of slides, these slides are now on a cd and can be easily printed, all the slides are old - you know the ones - mum and dads wedding (heh minus the grumpy nana's nasty comments in the margin - a different set of pictures altogether im sure) and of us children as the gorgeous and most well behaved little darlings you could ever imagine (all 4 of us !) sooooo now i think that i might wait til i get the photos and then add them into the album - particulary so dad can write names and dates according to what he remembers of course!

AND it doesnt help that i still cant find jump rings - however never fear- Dallas provided a nice NZ site that i think has some jump rings for a good price!

so the saga continues but it keeps me happy :D

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