Thursday, April 3, 2008

OOH Happy Mail for me!

I knew it was coming... but it was fantastic to see in the letterbox!! a package (wrapped in plastic cos the weather is crappy and rainy) and this is what was in it!!

The Black flourishes are COOL and ive not yet seen those and LIME green flowers- Sandra obviously knows how much i enjoy working with green!!!! and to top it all off a lovely card JUST FOR ME!

AND then and then!!! i also received a card from Christine C - i love looking at her cards and she dindt disappoint! in fact.... ive already cardlifted (is that a word like scraplift) and sent a nice wee thingie down the line.. no doubt i will know when its received! so thanks Christine! nice work indeed!

Another pic i took on Sunday when my sis came to visit (she lives down the line too so its rare we get to go shopping together - one kid only too!!!)

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NanaBeth said...

I just e-mailed because I am in such a crappy mood and than I read your blog and I'm about to you know what laughing. You sent a wee "thingie"?
After all that goodness the least you could have done was send a huge "thingie".