Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday is over ..

well almost,11.45 so close enough to Saturday.

Went to the Product release of the new Fancy Pants stuff - so cute! nice bright colours and shabby distressed loooking papers - doublesided too, i like the way so many new papers are coming out doublesided - one with a plainer side and one with the "busy" pattern makes my life a tad easier let alone the use of the papers instead of thinking "drats no plain to counteract it so i cant use it" err it must be late for me to bollocking on like that, so ill stick a photo of some of the things i got:

Now, i have a question... WHO rak'd me!????? i know it was someone obviously that reads my blog (so i must have one reader!!!) but i truly appreciate the jump rings - copper and all!!! i immediately grabbed the book and went to put them in.. and they dont fit thru the eyelets .. no comment. (although there was some effusive probably shocking cursewords said at the time)

So i went to plan 425 and took the book with me tonight to NZ Scrapbook, and asked Wendy what to do - Wendy does awesome work, really nice altered art stuff and books etc, she suggested i bind it by hand with wire... i cant be arsed to get the wire so then Ann suggested to use twine binding.. and she had the perfect shade too! so 4 metres later (and a few other bits and bobs) i came home and IT WORKED! looks great jsut need to decide how im going to tie the ends off but its close enough to be finished!!!!!!!!!!!! the photos make it look crappy but in reality its quite nicely distressed and the fleur de lis has a litttttle bit of glitter and there is a nice lot of heat embossing on the front too and the WHOLE lot has been mod podged :D

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Ann said...

Glad i could help out and that twine binding looks great!

Lovely work Danice.