Tuesday, April 8, 2008

IM saved!!!!!!!!!!!

With huge thanks to Kellie from Aussie (her picture is in my main photo - see that "canvas collage" - thats her!

I have a new mp3 player - and to amuse me no end she filled it with songs that had me laughing all day long - were talking about "Endless love" from Lionel Ritchie, "Cotton Eye Joe" - im guessing thats in reference to my liking country music (at least it wasnt achey breaky heart) and to top it off the Wiggles .... rofl - THANKS KEL! just what i needed - for my workmates to wonder WHY im singing "hot potato hot potato"

nothing else terribly interesting has happened, OHHHHH yes it did!! i WON March's sketch from Scrapboxnz for my cards!!!!!!!!! i won i won i won!! first time ive won somethign for my work !! was so excited and i should post the cards but dont know where they are now!

back to scrapping now i havent done too much lately and im starting to feel it!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win, you will have to try and find some pics so we can see them, PS the book/album looks fantastic.
Christine C