Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And another neat Preview night at NZ Scrapbook

yes yes, i know its a bit of a trek to bugger off to the Shore every week, but i like it! the staff are really nice, and i wasnt at the naughty table tonight (Thanks Ann! cheeky bint!) but the new
S E I stuff is pretty - a bit tooooo pretty for me- can anyone see me doing a layout of Derek and I on pretty pink and foiled love heart paper??? not likely, however that was only one peice of paper - there were parts in the range that were just beautiful, BUT i think i missed out when i didnt go to the last preview of the glitter papers - oh my.... SO lucky its not a pay week! but also a bit gutted cos i reckon that paper is going to make itself into airplanes and FLY out the door, ill be going back soon - probably Monday in fact (hehehehe)
Im not going to my LSS crop this week, so i figure the $15 to get into the preview is totally acceptable if im not going to usual crop night!
Seeing as its late i best start trying to organise myself for tomorrow !


NanaBeth said...

I'm thinking your beautiful creations are the direct result of such a wonderful space. Of course your talent has something to do with it also.

Ann said...


But seriously, it's great that you come all that way to attend our are the best!

kelz said...

only cos i lubs ma foofie lol..
toot toot chugga chugga big red car