Thursday, April 10, 2008

Paper Pesto April sketch challenge

YAY! for me, you know how I was saying about the lovely glitter Diecuts with a view paper i bought last night.. i used it today and its soooo nice, photos don't do it justice at all, its nice paper - i usually stay away from alot of glitter / flocked paper because once it goes into the protector sleeve you cant see it, I would prefer to use it on canvas only, but for this sketch it still works nicely, go Paper Pesto sketches! Yes i turned it upside down and round and round - but its all about interpretation!


NanaBeth said...

Now that's talent!

Anonymous said...

Looks great - but we need close ups, how can we copy your work when we can't see the deatils of how you did it LOL.
Christine C

Anonymous said...

Danice, been following your blog,,,, you have nana's talent for writing, I'm so envious!! Anyway for future record, you were looking for split rings for your "Dad" project,,,well I was in Arthurs Emporium today & guess what,,,, they had split rings from tiny up to 32mm, now thats biiiigggg, so neicy if you ever need some let me know.
Aunty June

Ann said...

Look's great danice!