Sunday, April 13, 2008

good grief Aunty June!

Its almost scary knowing you read my stuff!! lol, I am quite enjoying this blogging thing cos i can do it when i like and its up to anyone to read it! But i enquire what you were doing at Arthur's emporium? are you aware i work less than a few hundred metres from there!!!! and you didnt even come and see me :( next time!!!! and Arthurs didnt have any jump rings last week when i went in, but the lovely Dallas from Invercargill sent me some (that didnt fit) oopsies, but i fixed the book with twine, and now i just have to go visit him with it.

On the scrapping front, No 8 wired NZ Dares has the new challenge up.... and i have finished it already! damn im getting good, but not really, it was a reasonably easy challenge, pretty much to do a lo inspired by an ad, well i happened to be in Shanton and they had a big big poster up .. it had a girl in it and i cant remember much else, so ill have to go back and take a photo of the poster to compare, I didnt have any photos for this one suitable... why you ask? WELLLLLL the countdown is ON! It's only two months til scrapcamp!!!!!!!!!!!! so im starting to stash some photos - 4 days is a long time to scrap and with my finnicky picky attitude, the more photos i have means the more work i'll manage to do. So getting back to the challenge, Nic from Christchurch kindly donated a gorgeous pic of her son James, and I scrapped it. Luckily it was crop night at the local Scrapbook shop.. first time since Nov/Dec that i havent been - mainly because ive been going to the NZ Scrapbook previews lately so not alot of need to overkill my social senses.... if you dont know me, Sometimes I don't play well with others, and too much socialising is not my cup of tea. I bought one sheet (YES! only 1 sheet) of the new Basic Grey Boxer for this lo and ive decided i dont like the scanned image so you will all have to wait for the photo :D

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Anonymous said...

Danice, don't worry about me reading your blog, I just love it!! I'm grreeeeen (ribit,,,ribit) with envy at your talent with words, & I get a laugh too!! Don't ever stop writing,,,,,,now did I see something about tapioca or something in a pot ,,,I must away & have a read,
luv ya
Aunty June, xoxo:) hehe, haha!!