Sunday, April 13, 2008


This is a yummy pudding, I know this, somehow I think its instinctive, I dont recall eating it as a child but I KNOW its yummy. So im trying to make it, its not a good pudding for an impatient person like myself to make, soaking... what IS soaking? surely it will soak while cooking... stirring? what is stirring?? i mean yes yes I know what STIRRING is.. but im not sure the recipe requires me to take the mickey out of it.. and there is alot of talk of "scorching" well im going to do a step further than most recipes say and cook it in a double boiler - this of course is not something I would usually do, in fact ive never done it before in my life - but I watch the cooking channel, the two fat lady cooks and Hugh Fernsley-Whittingstall make it look easy peasy.
I shall report back in a couple of hours. (well the recipe says 4 hours so i think 2 should be sufficient) IF by some nasty fluke of nature this pudding turns out badly - ive compensated for it by throwing in extra kumara and spud with the roast chook.


Ann said...

So how did it turn out?

My nana used to make it all the time for the grand-kids, i used to love it but have to confess i have never made it

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Hey girlie!

You gotta find something called "Minute Tapioca" which actually takes a little over 30 mins. It might just be a US thing, but it's my favorite... LOOOVE Tapioca Pudding!

Try googling it!

Inky Smiles!

Anonymous said...

Yuuuk!!! IT always reminded me off fish eggs.We used to get for school dinners in England and that is enough to put you off something for life!!!