Sunday, April 20, 2008

NZ Dares Layout - Ad inspired

I finished my layout for the NZ Dares Layout, there is a story to this, because originally I understood the dare to be "any" ad inspired layout... so I promptly kept my eyes open for a nice ad, and I found one- at Shanton (I occasionally do non scrap related things - this clothes shopping was inspired by a broken washing machine and lack of work clothes, but moving along...) This ad from Shanton was lovely, something quite suitable for scrapbooking - and due to my shyness about taking photos in weird places, I couldnt bring myself to take a photo- possibly I may do this later in the week. Now, the type of photo required for this ad layout is not something I have on hand, so I asked for the assistance of Nic C of Christchurch- who promptly emailed me a photo of her son James, and the photo was perfect so off I went and came up with a nicely done (if I say so myself) layout :

THEN, I reread the dare, and looked at the other entries and lo and behold, realised that the dare is actually to be inspired by the ad already used.... DUH..... so here is my take on the PROPER dare, Now, I also must point out that I'm trying so very hard to learn how to use photoshop properly for stitching scanned images - I assure you the photos ARE straight and all lined up nicely!

So, thanks for looking and have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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NanaBeth said...

Wow-they're both fantastic. Thank you for assuring me the pictures are straight. I think I figured out the embellishments are what make the scanner give it a skewed look.