Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday update

Hello all!
I did my demo at Warehouse staionery Manukau today, was a little slow, but other merchandisers were there and i learnt some stuff about HP printers and 3M sticky stuff - great extra sticky post it notes !
But best of all thanks Christine!!!!!!!!! as always was lovely to see you, and thanks muchly for the spotlight tip for the kaiser bling- its the older colours that are 1.60 and the newer colours $2 - still a bargain so i think i now have every colour and a few pearl ones too!
So tomorrow I think Ill be doing Dereks books (again *sigh*) but the sooner I do that the sooner I can get home and finish my NZ dares layout! if I can get that out of the way it means I can spend alot of time cleaning and reorganising my room, its messy again and its annoying me.... yes, yes I know everyone will be SO shocked that its messy- I'm never ever messy am I???? (Thank goodness Derek has no idea how to turn the pc on let alone read my blog - the comments from him would be totally rude!!)

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