Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alrighty, due to Peer Pressure

I have decided to give a lil RAK - just a oncer you all understand, cos I was so terribly excited when I saw I had TEN!!! comments, then read them and unfortunately cos Nic got my hopes up by being all excited and pushing my comments to double digits by accident, she is VOID outta this RAK (and I already asked her anyway so never fear- im not really being mean)
SO if anyone has need of some gorgeous Fiskars baby themed stamps (the acrylic ones) leave me a message (with your email) and ill do a random number guess thing and someone will have some new stamps :D
And i think i was being extremely kind there cos I didnt make anyone answer any questions..... I shall think on that and find something else to rak meanwhile I am going to watch the rest of Charlies Angels 2 - cos its just so cute!


Dragonlass said...

ooooooh I am here....look at me look at me...its all about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Debbie said...

I have just found your blog through another scrapers who's i can't remember at the moment! You demo at my local spotlight and warehouse stationary! Your pages are awesome!

Nic said...

you are just lucky you are cute Mrs! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Nic shall we push this over 10 as well?!?!?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh no....not peer pressure!

Anonymous said...

That's kinda harsh voiding Nic, i think she should have two enties in your RAK ;-)

Ann said...

So do i get three then?

Yeah, i'm anonymouse.....hehe
Just helpin get those comments up.

OK, i'll behave now....great to talk to you today.

Mummy LOL said...

Meeeeeeee I am here RAK me baby

Coco said...

Hi, just checking out ur blog, cool blog and great projects.