Thursday, May 22, 2008

What a great mail week!

We got our stuff from the America order we did like months ago!! (we knew it was going to take a while so its all good!) and it was fun! Kerry Sue got some gorgeous Autumn Leaves stamps, flourishes and some nice alphas, and Dallas got some really neat skull and crossbone brads and jewel brads, and the lazy sods (Dallas and Sandra) got some ribbon bags - they didnt believe me that it was just as easy to make with stuff from the $2 shop...(clear bags with holes made by the Fiskars eyelet setters) the only thing not yet received is MY stuff... im hanging out in suspense and it will be an exciting day, both packages were sent the same day so im hoping itll be pretty quick.
BUT seeing as we got that stuff and all happy, Sandra decided enoughs enough and decided to do a quickie order from this shop, Carol has been EXTRA helpful, and keen to help us Internationals in any way she can, so I fully recommend purchasing from her! I shall update later... when I get my goodies!

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Nic said...

it would be like Christmas! Woot!