Saturday, May 24, 2008

what a glorious day

Yesterday was.... I have no idea what i did so I'm going to skip Friday straight into Saturday!
Today is a glorious day for washing! I have done 4 loads so far, am getting a little tiny bit sick of not being able to walk into the walk in wardrobe.... far too dangerous with all my pointy shoes hiding under piles of clothes ready to stab my little footsies. So I am considering cleaning it up.
that is BIG NEWS. HUUUGE in fact.
Course I haven't done anything but consider doing it, but its a start (does this make me lazy or a procrastinator???)
On other news, whilst I was busy scrapping (actually I was watching tv at my desk) I saw something dark flit by behind me.. I thought ooohhh I got a mousie! but then thought I was being silly imagining things cos of the mouse at work etc etc.
So this morning whilst sitting at my desk (I DID scrap something) the same thing happened in reverse- now I KNOW we have a mousie!!! and thinking about it, this is the first year in the 5 that I have been here that we don't have a cat.
It almost makes me want another little kitty, but I tend to get quite protective and all mothery and very upset if my cat isn't treated like royalty. And it hurts too much when something happens to them, which is the entire reason I have restrained myself from visiting the SPCA.
The dog is as useless as tits on a bull, she has been known to see a mouse walk in front of her and all she did was look at it an wag her tail.
I am now going to continue on with my washing (might have a wee nap in my nicely made up fresh smelling bed) and also continue thinking about cleaning up the wardrobe.
Oh but before I go- Only 11 days to go before camp!!! this is fantastic news, although seeing as I will be away for Queens Birthday Weekend, It means I really have to consider packing now, I have made my list and I'm checking it twice. OHHHHHHHHH and I need the address of ANN!
gimmie gimmie gimmie and I'll send you some stamps - on the proviso that you have to show me how you use them so I can copy :D

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