Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear Christine,

Please please PLEEEEEEEEEASE can you get on MSN???? with cherries on top too! it would be soooo nice to harrass you oops i mean chat to you :D, in fact I like having scrappers on my MSN list - rather useful if I need advice!! so anyone please feel free to add me:
The $2 shop i check regularly is the one in Manukau Shopping Centre opposite Rivendell beside Stirling Sports, the often have scrap stuff in there, chipboard embellies and letters, there werent many left, although id say they will get restocked. Some of the other "fake" $2 shops also supply scrap stuff, its a case of hit and miss tho so pays to just check every so often, perhaps if you tell your local that youre interested, they may be able to order it in too.

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Anonymous said...

Im smiling at the PC right now - you are too funny.
Believe me I am not trying to avoid you - for some reason I just can't get it.
I promise as soon as I sign up you will wish I hadn't...

PS I dropped into the local $2 shop yesterday and found the last packet they had - brought it of course, but wanted to get a couple more for a friend - never mind.

Cheers - Christine