Saturday, May 17, 2008

So early on a Saturday morning

Ok so Derek was invited to go fishing, he hasn't been fishing in ages, he used to go out at least once a fortnight in his boat, but times are tough and the price of gas just doesnt allow it, so when the weather is perfect and his mates are on a boat and invite him out - theres no holding him back! seeing as the boys are already out Great Barrier Island, Derek had to play catch up and had to fly out, he tells me this at 9pm last night, flight left at 7.45am.... what a sucky time to have to wake up in the onset of winter! but like a good wifey I packed his bag (even threw in a bag of his favourite lollies) got him all organised and woke him up bright and early this morning, he was his usual chirpy morning self (much like me in fact without coffee) and off to the airport we went, it was a chilly but brightish morning and i got these photos:

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Nic said...

pretty! he was lucky to fly out with all the fog thats been around.