Friday, May 16, 2008

Indian Day at Work!

The title says it all really, OHHHH except it misses out the bit where I was one of the TWO people who dressed up! luckily Amanjila DID turn up in her glad rags so I only looked lots out of place instead of completely nuts, Of course, when i googled "how to wear a sari" I was out of my league, they are really quite complicated and although it was comfy and such a pretty colour, it was a nightmare to run around in, the most embarrassing moment was coming out of a meeting and having half the office staring and oohing and aaahing and i stumbled rather obviously it, OOPS!


Nic said...

thats a gorgeous sari! did you go out for curry for lunch?

TracyP said...

How pretty :) Any excuse to dress up nice is a good one!!