Monday, May 12, 2008

Gotta love Mondays!

tonight is the core'dinations product preview *doing a wee dance* at NZ Scrapbook and i cant wait to go. Other things i have accomplished today - i not only did last weeks meeting minutes but i even printed them and had them on hand along with a bunch of other admin type stuff for todays team meeting - i nearly gave everyone a heart attack from my efficiency (not that im always useless) but i really cant stand doing the minutes so that was a nice start to the day. then i spent time clearing my desk of bollocky stuff that was just annoying me, and then just before i came home i caught the poor lil office mousey, and released the darling tiny furball into the garden at work to hang out with the rabbits (i have no idea how but there are rabbits there - in the car park in the early morning) im assuming this is due to the park opposite the building - across a main road full of traffic and now im home and considering the No 8 wired dare, its a possibility that I may finish this, only a possibility mind!!!
and as an afterthought! i didnt get a photo of the mouse !!! DUH!

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Nic said...

wanna trade evenings? I'll go to the preview and you can go to my sons High School and meet his teachers k? LOL Not that they will say bad stuff but I'd far rather play with pretty new papers!!