Monday, May 12, 2008

Well that was fun!

I am so pleased I went (as if there was any question!) thanks to Kerry Sue for Chaffuering, lovely job even if it is easier to resort to my side your side instead of left and right (and I'm not being cheeky - often I have to hold my left "L" hand up to make sure I'm going the right way!)

beautiful night in Auckland City, cold and crisp- I adore winter and its definately on its way!! so I tried to take pics over the harbour bridge - typically there was road works so the better photo lanes were closed the ohotos above are what I got, not the greatest but better than nothing.
The GOOD stuff is here:
Beautiful colours, the black magic isn't all black its mostly dark with shades of crimson, or blue or a dark green, the single bright sheets on top are the normal colour core - I couldnt resist the lime green and pink!! very very vibrant shades!!
seeing as its now nearly midnight - im going to bed to think of ways to use the new stuff!


Nic said...

so its morning - what did you think of? hmmm???

TracyP said...

I'm terribly jealous :( I really wanted to go, next one aye!!!???

NanaBeth said...

We must be related. When I waited tables in high school, I had to put an "L" on my left hand so I could set the tables correctly.
Still no rebate from Uncle Sam-new target date is May 16th.