Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a strange day I've had

Ok, so I'll first give you a bit of background, I work as an administrator for a Supported Employment Agency, (Supported Employment = in a nutshell, Assisting people with disabilities in finding jobs that they want and supporting them while they work) The company I am with currently is specifically Mental Health. ( I know I know, nutty is as nutty does) however, I love my work and I enjoy working with my colleagues and I get satisfaction from working with our clients, it sucks how different people are treated, and although NZ is fairly good, there are still people that are just really mean, and I really dont think its right to judge people just because they have been diagnosed with a Mental Disorder, or they are on medication etc etc, gets up my nose and as per my personality, I try my best to enhance other peoples lives in any way I can.
So thats the background, recently there have been some changes at work, and the big "R" word has been thrown around (that word is redundancies) I am feeling ok about the whole thing, whatever will happen will happen and today was the meeting with our CEO and the HR rep from national office, kind of intimidating, but the news is ok, (for me at least) its not great but its not brilliant, I will have to wait and see but the worst case scenario is I may have to work fulltime (ICK and theres reasons I choose not to work fulltime but thats a different post altogether) or find a new job.
Thats one thing, the other thing that happened is that within our building, where the other end have"key workers", these are the people that support clients in daily life, and one of those key workers passed away on the weekend. It was the first time I have experienced someone passing away at work and it is a strange feeling, his colleagues were as expected shocked and full of grief and it was sad for everyone, although the prayers were sincere and beautiful.
SOOO that was my day - how was yours!?

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Anonymous said...

Oh I so know where you're comin from re- loving your job and wanting it part time. I'm supporting clients in a day service. Usually jobsharing but working almost fulltime at moment because my collegue is sick ( gosh I am sooo tired and miss my time! )
Hope that all goes well with you keeping yur job and the hours too!
Sotty to hear about the passing away of your collaegue.