Monday, June 9, 2008

Here ya go girls

Here are some pics from camp:
Kerry Sue, Sandra, Jackie and I (yay for blemish remover)
THis is Kerry Sue and I getting on the plane.
This is Mt Egmont from the plane (great pics!!)
This is ummm Mt Ruapehu (or close enough)
The working space- bloody rugby on too!
The drover and his ahem DOGs in Feilding And this pic although it LOOKS like a postcard is actually the view from the camp - looking out the window at this was just stunning!


Nic said...

now Im double jealous - scrapping AND rugby?? lucky trollops LOL

NanaBeth said...

Is the drover an alien?

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

Where is my bug pic?

TracyP said...

OMG the pics of the mountains are awesome!!!! Fun stuff!!

NanaBeth said...

Where did the alien go?