Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy mail arrived

On the way home from the airport last night, Derek mentioned a "big package" arriving for me, I was all amped up anyway from being home so I was totally overwhelmed when i opened this package and found ALLLLLL these goodies in it! so today ive cleared my desk (well a little bit) and im chuffed that someone thinks so nicely of me to send such neat stuff, especially the heart !!

I'm really thankful to Beth for sending it all- not only is exciting to get a present, but to get a present so suited to my taste is just awesome! so thanks heaps and heaps Beth, and you can be sure there will be some great layouts done with it!!!


Nic said...

awww she's good to you! :)

TracyP said...

What a lovely pressie :) Lucky you!! But you deserve it :)

Kelly said...

ooooooh! Niiice goodies. What a welcome home! Love the scrapping/rugby pic... definitely heaven to me! LOL That one of the view - you might just have to send me a copy methinks.
Glad to see you guys made it home OK. :)