Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday holiday

Welllll, from Wednesday to about now I have barely had a break. I went to visit my sister and her family on Friday and got home last night. I miss being on the farm but Rambo Derek buggering off til all hours doesnt particularly make me a happy lass. He had fun tho so he cant complain that I'm going away this week, I pointed out that I did a massive food shop for him so I do not want to hear of any whinging about how I'm mean to him by going away, I know he will anyway so I bought plenty of rubbishy food that will keep him quiet if not fed properly - even ice cream for a change!
My packing obviously got completely messed up on Friday, but not tooooo bad, I reckon I've got a fair idea what I will be taking and the things that don't matter so much. I finished a layout that I have just sent off and I have another due by Wednesday, along with another lot of layouts due by June 12th. This is the most pressure (scrapbooking at least) I've had to deal with in a while and I'm interested to see if I do everything I'm meant to!
I shall no doubt be popping on again to update with any disastrous happenings- ohhh yes, my tooth is niggling me which is rather scary - I have the worst teeth ever, and I don't consider them valuable enough to keep them when things go wrong (hence I have a few gaps!) but I'm worried this time because of camp, I dont really want to be full of painkillers for 4 days! although that may be extremely interesting to see what sort of layouts I end up with!!!


TracyP said...

yes tooth ache sucks!!!! but I think scrapping doped up on painkillers could be highly amusing!! just don't do any knife cutting!!!

Nic said...

oooh psychedelic scrappin! break out the munchies!

Anonymous said...

Start gargling salty water and if that doesn't work in the first 5 seconds follow quickly with several shots of vodka - works everytime.
Hope the finger gets better soon too.
Christine C