Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ummm am I meant to be packed now?

Cos I'm not. I DID however finish two layouts more on those later in the week.
I have not packed anything.
except the bling and flowers I did last week (lucky I did that!!!!) I've decided that I'm not likely to use much chipboard, perhaps some flourishy bits but thats about it. and I'm too lazy to go through and sort them out anyway!
I have HEAPS of photos for a change, but now of course I want to take ALL the photos and the corresponding papers!!! but If I bugger around now, and then get into panic packing tomorrow night, I will forget to take them so problem will be solved.
I at least have clean clothes to take away - just need to find the good ol thermals, can only say thank god we dont live somewhere hot cos I am not going to be looking too sexaaaayyy (sorry Sandra, I know you would love me to turn up looking glam, but well, honestly - I dont DO glam)
need to either buy some new slippers or wash the ones im wearing I would hate to knock anyone out with fumes!
Derek is content, i went food shopping and he has only just discovered the hokey pokey ice-cream, its cute that he recognises it as a special treat from me - also extremely easy for me to get brownie points !!!
Best I get my butt into bed - Ive had blanket on for ages so it will be cosy and warm!

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Nic said...

Hey Gimp! Pack ya cutting mat!!!