Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not panicking yet :D

I threw everything into my suitcase and tote, got the suitcase up to 28kg and the tote to 9kg
Im trying to even it out so that i can use the tote as my carryon luggage, (praying that the size is ok, i have a feeling they wont let me) but alls good, i cant really take much else out unless i leave stuff behind like my wee printer(1kg) my lamp (1kg) and some paper kits, but nothing actually weighs alot, its more like combined it does! im not taking any albums, i figure if i finish anything its no big deal to leave it in the bag. I think id cry if they wouldnt let me take my tote- the main reason its coming is because it holds my 12x12 so safely, i think ill pretty much leave it for now unless i come up with something even more brilliant later tonight!

1 comment:

Ann said...

I see you are packing light???
LOL and ducking at the same time.

Crikey that's a lot of stuff, i hope you can manage to get it all on board ok.