Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Packed far better now!

Im now down to 9.3 and 10.4 (limit is 20kg) for check in stuff and 5.5 for carry on (Limit 7kgs)- im taking my tiny wee old handbag- (going be strange not having my massive big canvas carry all) and ive clipped my ipod to my cellphone to my wallet... SURELY i wont forget (the ipod is charging overnight you see)

I think ill be fine for supplies... (famous last words) and im very happy to be going, strange that derek not home yet (GRRR) hes prolly forgotten he needs to take me to the airport at 8 in the morning- but im not silly, ive organised a back up ride if he doesnt come home - notwithstanding the beef roast in the oven that he knows about, he usually comes home when he knows theres nice food to eat!!!!!

So I will be signing off till Monday, with MUCH MUCH LOVE to Nic, I'm gutted you cant come - dratted kids have a soccer round robin thing that I dont think her hubby would be keen to cope with all alone .... but then again!?? Anyway, its not long til October and SENZ which I have a feeling will be extremely hilarious on all accounts!


Nic said...

you better save some laughs for SENZ! have a great time!!!!

Mummy LOL said...

woooooooooooo yay on the packing, well it is 6.38am I have been up since 6 WTF is up with that LOL.
Anywho I still need to get batteries for torch, hehe not overly impressed that there are no bedside lights and don't really think you want to be woken at 3am with me stumbling around hmmmm you might still be awake at 3am

Right will see ya soon