Monday, June 23, 2008

Muck around Monday

Okie dokie, just a quickie, I'm looking forward to the Prima Product Preview - say that fast 5 times.

Work is "subdued" the Big meeting happened this morning clarifying positions within the company for our "dis-establishment" its a funny feeling around the office, however the good news is that the restructuring will be taking place by Monday next week so there wont be weeks of tension.

And the most important thing of all: I know lots of people (including me) are all grumpy at Kmart for having a sale with no products - if you dont know what I''m talking about - check out page 18 of the latest catalogue, and Lil Davis products are advertised at 50% off. Funny thing is that Kmart have never had these products. After ringing the nice lady at Manukau she has taken my number for a rain check, even tho the catalogue says "no rainchecks" they are sick of having to tell people "no we dont have it and not likely to have it before the sale ends thanks very much have a nice day"
So this brings me to the lil tidbit of knowledge that when I get the phone call (which im pretty sure I will) - you will ALL know :D

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