Thursday, July 10, 2008

Get ya fingers ready girls,

and NO, i did not mean in that way - yes I'm looking at you Nic and prolly Beth too.....

but for those that havent already go check out THIS blog, and :
'go leave a comment with your name and country plus my name and country'.
If I win anything good (as you likely will too!) I will share!!!

and that mouse, well he does exist - must be a girl cos shes mighty smart - nibbled at the tombo glued choc and didnt set the trap off, but its only early days hehehehehe !!!

PS i got my hair cut today its kinda short but i like it! no pics yet cos im lazy ill do it on the weekend


Dragonlass said...

So your going for the sexy look?
Oh yea and posted

Nic said...

hahahahaha you know me all too well!