Wednesday, July 9, 2008

oh dear lord - here we go again

Relaxing and basking in my glorious "Queen Rodent Ridder" status,
Flatmate calls out from his bedroom "Hey guess what I just saw"
A mouse ha ha ha
I've not seen any signs of a new mouse in my scrap room, (this mouse seems ominously more intelligent already)
but it was running towards my bedroom, that is just not cool
So two traps set again - this time one with peanut butter (thanks Beth for that tip) inthe hall way
and the other trap in my scraproom with my very very last peice of fruit and nut chocolate glued with Tombo, see now, mices like tombo green glue too - cos it SMELLLLLLLLS nice :D
And other than that riveting snippet of news, I have some pipe cleaners now, ready for the NZ Dares challenge, of course I have no clue what the hell I'm meant to do with pipe cleaners - but it will be fun to play :D

But OOOH I nearly forgot! thanks to Sandra this is what I have in my hot little hands (well to be honest my hands are kinda fat and pudgy and all flubby looking) but beside that- woohoo!!


Niella {paperbutton} said...

That lil' mousesy wants to scrap! LOL.

Can't wait to see what you do w/ those pipecleaners! Oh and have found some ring thingys that you were looking for at Arthurs..bargin price too!! You won't belieeeeve it!

Niella {paperbutton} said... face looks so munted in my profile photo! LOL:)

jessie said...

I got my parcel today!! Thank you so much! I was all excitied at seeing it in the mailbox!! woooohoooo!

Anonymous said...

Can only just manage to type through the hysterical laughter...
Sorry but I think it is funny that you have another mouse - might just be time to invest in a cat.
Love that you took the photo of the punch sitting on your lovely pink mat - just to rub it in.
Enjoy your scallops.
Christine C

Danice said...

LOL I did good aye Christine! you know me too well, I shall squirrel away back into the scrap cave! hahaha

Kerrifiskateer#1017 said...

hmmmm, a cute threading water punch all nicely still in its long will that last ?:)had to wish the ANZ blog a happy bday & course it's good to know you will share hehehe! cos even with me having a bday, i would rather share a party with ANZ then with my scrappy lonely tools...hands down !!LOL