Monday, July 7, 2008

How shocking was BONES!!!

I adore crime tv stuff, was totally hooked on CSI (the original the others dont grab me so much) but I love Bones now - most likely cos Seeley Booth is the only actor that I actually think is totally hot - in character of course. Now of course i knew who the Gorgomon apprentice was, Ive known for a while - in fact I especially watched the final tonight cos I knew the hot guy was gonna be in the bath... bit disappointed in the tameness of that scene.
BUT! how shocking is that!!! i wont name names yet in case someone tapes it and watches it, but still its a shocker,
and a little tidbit for next season - once "he who cant be named" is gone, we get to meet Angela's Ex husband, who by all accounts comes across as the "perfect man"
I will be watching!!
but now I have to go change the channel back to Crime TV.


NanaBeth said...

Oh girl we are too much alike-I love Bones. I could say something shockingly inappropriate here but won't. Have a good one!

Nic said...

hahahaha Beth was going to make a Bone-r comment

Danice said...

LOL It's ok Beth - only girls read this blog, you can say you would like to Bone Seeley - cos I would like to forensically inspect his bone too.

Dragonlass said...

Doesnt everyone...that guy is hot hot hot

Niella {paperbutton} said...

LOL you girls:)

Are you talking about that guy that was on Angel? he IS pretty hot:)

Kelly said...

I needed to come up for air and google all over after watching the episode before.... I hadn't peeked on any episode guides and had NO idea He was supposedly possibly killed off.... Hot doesn't quite cover it somehow...mmmmm mmmmm! :)