Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy mail day for meeeee

Actually its the second happy mail day this week... and its only Tuesday! I bought a knock off MP3 player from trademe the other day - and its arrived and I love it, of course it is pink again, but this time, i have 4GB (that means lots and lots of space) and i can store things in folders so I dont get random type music all the time.

But then today I got my stampin up stamps- I ADORE these!!! of course ive tried out nearly all of them and had to take a pic.. can anyone guess what sort of stamps i like by this photo?
If you guessed flourishes- you would be correct!
So far Ive only stamped in silver brilliance on black cardstock and they are just lovely to use - well worth the price, and in retrospect they werent that expensive really - no more than stamps in the shops!
Must go... have lots of ink colours and plenty of paper to play with!


Anonymous said...

oooohhh they do look nice don't they - love the silver on black - my fav combo.
Christine C

Kerry-Sue Thomson said...

oooohhhh! I got 'so swirly' too! LOL!

TracyP said...

oh my gosh I have just fallen in love!!! Those stamps are magnificient!!! Nice mail!!!!

kellie said...

ooo i likey tho flourishes.

ok you didnt tel me you got another mp3??? so eather u broke it or lost it or someone stole it, which one????? :(
or mine just wasnt good enuf