Monday, July 28, 2008

Im here!

I didnt get much else done Friday night, Saturday I spent trying to find going out clothes- i got a new vest which *i* like however derek is under the impression I look completely stupid. Luckily I realise those that wear shorts, long sock and ripped tshirts every day of the year probably arent going to be the most up to date on fashion.

I went out Sat night- thanks to both my companions whom I promised i wouldnt blog about... well that was only ONE companion - so Sharon is fair game :) but to make it fair, I'll post a pic of me too - and in MY defence it was late, I'd had a few.... no such excuses for Sharon tho!
And NOOOOO we didnt mean to be colour co-ordinated, that just happened!
Right, so onto Sunday, I slept and cleaned my desk (its lovely and tidy) even tho I cant find anything now. I managed to get some birthday cards done for ANZ Fiskars.
then today! I found this bloggie: it has some great stuff at reasonable prices! I just need to find out if they do International... and I think I shall tell Beth off for not advising us sooner!!


Dragonlass said...

Looks like I sucked that lemon in my drink one too many times ya bitch

NanaBeth said...

A proper "tart" has to have some secrets!

NanaBeth said...

Oops-1. Kelly the owner is the sweetest person in the world. Never met anyone who does so much for her customers. 2. Guess I cannot refer to Valdosta as the armpit anymore-we just won ESPN's titletown USA. Pretty impressive-since we were up against the likes of New York, Green Bay, and San Francisco. Going to have to do some heavy scrappin' about this!