Sunday, July 13, 2008

Valdosta, Georgia

Is not an ugly armpit looking place- certainly cleaner looking than Otara.... and the Valdosta State University - Auckland University looks like a tent compared to that place! It does kinda look a bit like Kingseat in a more upmarket kinda way - that particular photo doesnt do it justice but you get the idea.

Valdosta is in the South, and Nic and I reckon Beth must have the BIGGEST Southern drawl, I beleive the quote was "y'all come back now for some grits ya hear!"

But that reminds me of the Southern boys, and if you don't know me very well, You won't know what a soft spot I have for the accent.... ooh yeah "yes ma'am" "naw ma'am" I would love to return to Mississippi just to hear that!!! being called Miss New Zealand was highly amusing too - it was said out of respect (particulary by the little kids) but of course it made me crack up every time I heard it because I think I have quite a different image of what Miss New Zealand looks like - and its not me!

Now I have two questions. Is it wrong for me to scrapbook like an ex-boyfriend? I have some photos (very discreetly tucked away on my harddrive) and I even have the rose petals and leaves from my last visit (actually they are sellotaped onto my monitor) The photos I have of this person are a little umm not normal, but this period of my life was really important to me, important enough for me to spend 10 weeks in New Orleans the first time, home again for 2 weeks and then back again to Bay St Louis for another 6 weeks. And it was also that 2 week period of being home that I met Derek. I have alot to remember around this time and I do want to scrap it - but HOW!? i think it will have to be hidden photos, and prolly hidden journalling too, but I've been stuck for months wondering if its the "right" thing to do! any advice would be appreciated!

the second thing is I took a photo of my new haircut! you can all oohhh and ahhhh thats ok, hehe Ive really started coming out as older looking in my photos - im SURE I dont look like that in real life (sigh) I really must stop smoking!


NanaBeth said...

Oh God now I really love you-I'm still smoking. I just found a movie program from the drive-in where I did IT for the first time and I'm sure as hell going to scrap that. The pictures do not show the pulp mill 10 miles south of here. When the wind blows in the right direction is smells like the inside of a sewer.It eats the paint off the cars of people who live within a 2-3 mile radius. Of course there are some deep south funny things, the next county over-their main cash crop is highly illegal. If your car breaks down on a back road, you can call for help and they will be just wonderful. But if you step out of the car, they will probably shoot you. Want to visit?

Dragonlass said...
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Dragonlass said...

All memories are meant to be scrapped, they are what has made you who you are today. And that includes old boyfriend moments.
By the way nice hair cut makes you look very grown up...cough cough

Nic said...

Valdosta looks prettier than a few places I could mention down here too - Aranui for starters! LOL its our own bit of Sth Auckland!! If you could just smoke till you look older than me that would be fine LOL

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Love the darker colour!! And I think the length is a good one too:)

Dragonlass said...

Nic Aranui looks alot better than it did 22 years ago when I first moved there.

keamac said...

Hi Danice
I'd definitely scrap the photos, it was a part of your life, a memory, something that shaped you.
I sort of get what you mean though 'cause I have wedding photos of my parents that I"d like to scrap but I keep feeling weird about doing it 'cause they actually split up just before their 30th wedding anniversary, so I'm sort of dithering over it a bit.

Kelly said...

Yep - scrap the memories for sure... love the new do too. I'm hearing Keamac on the parental thing.... mine split about 5 years ago. ... Drongos!