Monday, July 14, 2008

and again!

we did so well with the aussie/NZ Fiskars blog - well over 300 comments~! so go us kiwis! and to prove it wasnt a one off, we have a NEW bloggy challenge. It IS a little complicated so to ease the way I happened to pick up a little something that you might just want! can anyone say Fiskars clear stamps??? hmm???

so here it is:
Rachel is a kiwi scrapper living in Kuala Lumpar since October 2007 with her DH (shall we call him scrubby) and her two adorable children A and M. For the last seven weeks Rachel has been taking part in a scrapping competition by Scrap-n-Crop’s Project Scrap Away. Each week someone is eliminated. Rachel has created some beautiful layouts during the last seven weeks. Rachel is the only kiwi in this international competition. So why does she need your help? She has the opportunity to blog her way to immunity and this is how you can help.
Leave a comment on Rachel’s blog at this link and you earn her a point.
If you mention her name and Project Scrap Away (PSA) on your blog she gets an extra point.Then go to PSA blog and leave a comment on this post here and type Rachel’s friend with a link to your blog.
Let’s go and help a fellow kiwi out! Go Rachel!

so leave your name if you commented and your name and blog addy for me to CHECK cos i will you know i will read every single comment.... and then by Friday ill pick a winner - bribery as always is acceptable.

ALSO thank to Christine i have some Cloud 9 vellum flowers - these are definately interesting and if I saw them in the shop i would hesitate - it just so happens Im midway thru a layout... of my dad and the flowers are perfect! thanks Christine :D


Mummy LOL said...

OK all done, what a mission LOL


Wishful Thinking said...

Thanks so much for your support :-) I really appreciate it.
Neat scrap space you have there!! :-)

TracyP said...

Done like a done thing

Anonymous said...

All done and dusted, glad you like the flowers.
Christine C

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Yay you & Christine:)

Ok, will go and do!!

Will come back and leave a message...the things we do for you D!


Melva said...

Well written article.