Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great news for Rachel~!

She has won immunity in the next challenge! so thanks to all that helped and a RAK will be randomly drawn tomorrow to say thanks to those who helped out!
Im currently in "reorganising" mode, I am having to contain my spreadioutyness into some sort of practical order.
Im getting a new desk in my room, but also all the work books etc, Derek has downsized his company from a 4000sq ft workshop with 2 offices to a workshop half the size with no office... so currently my lounge is looking well, horrendous, it has extra couches, fishing rods, wakeboards etc etc with no place to put them all! the guns are about the only thing safe and sound in the gun safe, but as for everything else.. I have NO idea where any of it is going to go, derek has taken one couch away for a bonfire - i felt bad cos i couldnt even give him any marshmellows to cook.
I am trying to very quickly get a good idea of what space i really do NEED for scrapbooking, and I think im gonna be ok, i have another massive shelf he is going to put up on the other wall that I dont utilise (except for my Fiskars demonstrator poster)
I am definately wary about going through the wardrobe - i havent looked in there for a very long time and its full of boxes, hopefully empty! and now we have the new wheelie recycling bin i can throw all the cardboard out... and then i can fill up the wardrobe with ancient old invoice books that unfortunately we need to keep for another year *sigh* does the IRD not realise this "keep for 7 years" thing is going to affect my scrap room!?
So back to work for me and Ill be back tomorrow with a name for the Fiskars stamps.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh, sounds like you could do with decluttering.. LOL hear hear who's talking? I am such a horder, who am I kidding> I need to clean up, stop my 'spreadiloutyness and declutter... *sighs* maybe another day LOL

Wishful Thinking said...

Thanks Danice :-)
Good luck with the clean out LOL. Yeah IRD just don't realise do they how important extra space is to a scrapper :-)

Niella {paperbutton} said...


I did a clean out last week whilst watching that show "Big Stuff" or something like inspired me to throw out things LOL..never had that inspiration before..haha!

Congrats Rachel...was hoping that my lil' comment would help out a lil':)