Saturday, July 5, 2008

Well such fun things to report today,

First off - whats up with this weather! one minute sunny and the next we have storms and this:

Next on the list is this: This is my lil mouseys favourite food - and i KNOW i should leave food out, but at 2am the shapes were my snack food, the reeces were for sandra (sorry mate- at least you can see *i* didnt eat it!! and the salami sticks were in my crop pile (for snacking on)

SO now i gave up on the "humane" trap because the lil sh*t figured that one out - its a really ultra sticky gel trap, so when mouse stands on it hes stuck..... well i loaded it up with a chocolate foiled choc, and he wanted that so he took that a week or so ago. So i got clever and put the lil lollies in the middle of the trap. and umm well it worked... but i forgot to check it yesterday and this morning i found the trap miles away with all this STUFF on it, he obviously got stuck, dragged the whole trap under my trollies, and then ripped all the paper closest to him and got of the trap! so ha ha ha i get the last laugh after popping to the supermarket (lettuce is 2.50 now for those that care) and Voil'a! traps have been set in the kitchen and in my room (because he seems to like my room, likely because its warm and obviously i inadvertantly feed him.
Today he really really annoyed me, he was eating a shape which he had taken out of the packet, climbed down 3 layers of 'stuff" and squirreled himself away into a small box and proceeded to crunch on it, i carefully unlayered everything and got a clear bin thing and put the box into the container.... woo hoo! i had him!!! for 3 seconds until he JUMPED out and ran away.

So I am quite looking forward to tomorrow, and i will be eager to check my traps and whos going to be laughing then!?? hmm??
and i am still considering my Rak never fear- i havent forgotten!!!


NanaBeth said...

Boytoy says you must have some ultra smart rodents down there. Have you tried peanut butter? It works pretty good.

TracyP said...


Danice 0
Mouse 4

I hope he loses this morning!!!

Anonymous said...

Better luck to you Danice so far super mouse wins hands down;p