Sunday, August 3, 2008

blog hopping

To anyone that is "bored" and needs a break from scrapbooking, I suggest you read Alison's bloggie, she has recently had an article published about Autism that *I* think is brilliant, in the article she explains what life can be like living with a son with Autism. Highly readable and really interesting for those that have had no experience whatsoever with this syndrome.
Also Trina and Nic both have Stampin up giveaways to celebrate the release of the new Stampin Up catalogue- and as of last week when I received my stampin up goodies, I'm a convert!!!
Rachel is still in the Project Scrap Away comp- woohoo!!!!!! go the kiwi!!!!!! (its sad but I'm more interested in Rachel in the Project Scrap Away comp than the rugby) so keep your eyes on that blog!
Thats all I have to report right now, I am struggling with a 3 photo layout... I have decided i will never ever again take sets of 3 photos. either 1,2 or 4 only- NO odd numbers!!! and I must use more portrait pics because I'm getting sick of landscape!

have a great Sunday afternoon and no doubt I shall report later on my hideous lo!


Alison said...

Thanks for the way love the girls bits tha tyou have made in your last post

Wishful Thinking said...

Haa Haa I am sure the blokes wouldn't agree with you about my blog and me being in PSA being more interesting than the rugby!! :-)
Hey - 3 photos are good! Visual triangle you know! Well that's what Becky Higgins suggested in a class I did with her a few years back. So I guess it applies to photos as well as embelishments :-) Look forward to seeing your LO complete.