Monday, August 4, 2008

NZ Dares challenge 51

I got my USA photos reprinted the other week when Hardly Normal did the .10c photo deal ( you know the 6am-8am one- when it was Pouring down with rain and hail, a morning MUCH better suited to staying warm and snuggly in bed!)

so anyway, I reprinted (cos I *ahem* misplaced the last lot) all the photos from my trip - unfortunately not that many cos I only had the camera on the second trip, which was the shorter trip of 2 months so yeah not too many pics, but I still have enough to remember some great times!

Anyway, heres my take on the challenge- to use a repeated pattern, i stamped triangles along the end of the ribbon border - enjoy!

******* EDITED to add- holy heck, I did this other layout too (so now its a double!!!!!!!!!!!)

and I did this other one in less than 30 minutes- fastest layout I've ever done.... ok ok not the most creative but it kinda matches !!!!!!! Yeahh umm the scanning and cropping wasnt so great, but I'm not a miracle worker!!!


Alison said...

Great layout...and what a true scrapbooker going out in such bad weather so early in the morning to get photos reprinted

Nic said...

nice work Dana - and the prints would have to be 2c each to get me up then lol

g_ann said...

Hi Danice! Thanks for visiting my blog. You've done a great job with your LO as well. :) Keep it up!
Happy scrapping!

Monique said...

Looking good Danice!! Way to go turning it into a double the triangles!

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Love the colours D:) Awesome that you did two similar layouts too.