Friday, August 15, 2008

oohhhh It's me!!!! I got a prize from NZDares! yay! and note this dare Niella is a guest designer- so go check it, hard dare too. perhaps ill sit this one out (hehehehehe)
and also its Friday which is a fantastic day of the week!
The weather is horrible again (YAY!!!!!!!!) I love horribe weather, so little guilt about leaving the house and scrapping :D
I am scrapping tonight, I feel the need, and I havent finished anything lately so must get to it!


Anonymous said...

You go girl - woo hoo.
Christine C

Alison said...

Yip I agree that the bad weather is good for staying indoors and scrapbooking the day away

NanaBeth said...

Haven't you been a busy bee-I'm getting all kinds of wonderful cards and surprises from a whole bunch of Kiwi's-you're the best. Here in the south we say useless as tits on a boarhog-I know you can work that in somewhere!
Thanks for being such a sweetie-but I won't tell. Don't want to ruin your image!

Tona said...

Congratulations on your win. So, what was your prize? It's HOT here today...another good reason to stay in & scrap.