Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is a boredom post.

Im at work, and umm well cant decide what to do, so I plugged in the Ipod, and remembered I havent told y'all my new favourite song.... "Swing" by Trace Adkins, I enjoy this artist, he has some rightly amusing songs - check out the lyrics to "I got my game on" for a giggle.
So there ya go, thats ny new favourite along with Carrie Underwood's "Last name"

couple of other things, kelly, I lost your email address. oops. and to Andrea - your comment made me laugh- thank you (I think) its ok to be nutty isnt it!?? yeah I think so.

Right sooooooo umm working hmm yeah. unfortunately I dont even have any mind numbingly boring reports to do... I've already done them, soooo it is possibly a Bubble day.. for those that don't know bubble and need some OSH approved time out, email me and I'll send it to you, you do need Excel tho to use it.


Niella {paperbutton} said...

Hi D:) Weeeelll...your boring day will get better!! Go check out NZ Dares chickeeeee:)

harbourgal said...

Hey Danice... enjoyed meeting you last night at NZ Scrapbook. You crack up girl.. I can't believe they threatened to split us up ..we weren't that BAD! Also, thanks for the nice comments about my Design work at Paper Pesto. Hope you have a fab weekend! Michelle :o)

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