Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Funnies

When I say Funnies *I* think they're funny, you lot will obviously not completely understand just how amused I am... because of course I haven't scrapped these photos, (I only got them today from my cousin Travis on behalf of Aunty Miriam in Aussie) so I've not journalled about these photos.... and oh what journalling I could do! specially this one: its the Woodridge Flea Market.. and yes thats my mother and I with the van (we had a camper van not a normal car) but worse...

those bloody horrible diamond jumpers. I did not choose to wear that of my own accord, in fact I have noticed in all my photos, I wasn't allowed to choose my own clothes until well, until after I got kicked out of home at 14... no wonder I have no fashion sense!!! Mother used to do alot of volunteering work at the salvies so I pretty much lived in second hand and home made clothes, I had MASSES of these ra ra skirts which I notice in the latest K Mart catalogue!

This is obviously a Christmas Day, I don't know when tho, because I thought I spent all my Christmas Days at Dad's - obviously not! We used to fly home to NZ every summer and I stayed at the farm, so I might have to do some investigating as to when this one taken!
I was really skinny too, didnt remember that, but these photos were all taken pretty much at the beginning of my ballroom competition days and I loved athletics etc at school, so I USED to be a fit young thing, these days I am a HAPPY thing as opposed to skinny or fit or young, and I LOVE it that way!
Im off to NZ Scrapbooks' Product Preview tonight, exploding boxes!!! yay!!! fun fun fun with Three Bugs in a Rug :D
I sent my first Olympic challenge layout off last night, not the most exciting, it looks far far better in real life, working with circles and certain materials just doesn't scan up properly, and I did another layout which I think I really like, but I'll decide properly tonight!


NanaBeth said...

Have to know more about the ballroom dancing! I used to wear clothes we picked out from the missionary stash at church. Know the feeling and I had to wear orthopedic shoes to boot! No wonder I learned how to fight at an early age.

Niella {paperbutton} said...

These photos are F U N!! LOL, we all have these kinda ones!