Sunday, August 24, 2008

Whats up with this weather?

I love the rain and wind, but its strange to have a lovely day then suddenly wake up to wind and rain everywhere. So Ive cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the cupboards and now im allowed to sit in my warm cosy scrap room allllllll day!
Im mostly finished my layout for the Sketchbook Olympics, its going to be good fun- similar to the Scrapbook Studio thing but Im guessing with more all over judging. This weeks challenge is to use circles and round bits.
I am still fine with the non smoking thing, so far I can't imagine ever lighting another one, too happy with myself to start the cycle again.
I still havent figured out how to stitch my layouts together so i cant show you any work ive done yet!


TracyP said...

I KNOW!!!! The weather is sucking a big fat one here too. Blah

NanaBeth said...

Just received shipping notice from Amazon-he's on his way. BUT I just watched Chuck and Larry-Ving Rhames is in it-OH MY GOD!!!! No full frontal-just full rear. The man's arse looks like it was sculpted out of stone-not to mention the rest of his body. I don't think I can sleep tonight!