Monday, September 8, 2008

ch ch ch cha cha changes....

Who knows that song??? bet you all knew it when you read it and it has nothing to do with anything really :D
But anyway.
I had a lovely weekend, went to visit my sister and her family down country, was nice, havent been down for ages! (bad sister/aunty) also caught up with dad who thoroughly liked his Father's day gifts (books books and more books!) even though I think he was genuinely surprised that I have read them all... My sister said the same thing, he seems to be surprised at any sign of intelligence, we mustn't scare the poor man again by doing anything that might be construed as intellectual!!!
Onto other news, we have an acting CEO at work, our normal boss was in a nasty accident on Friday on his way to the final afternoon of the Mental Health Conference, got hit by a courier bicycle man and has a dislocated shoulder and broken (in a few places) arm.
That was the email greeting first thing at work. along with another email stating to beware of noises, try to work outside of the building etc etc because of the building going on in the boardroom - its close to our dept so best if we stay away, I had my ipod on and doing my work and out of nowhere heard a big bang and spilt my coffee- not a little bit, I mean the WHOLE cup of coffee, alllll over the desk.
and of course for the rest of the day, there wasnt a peep. no noise whatsoever. brilliant.
I need to do my decathlon challenge... again i have one done but it doesnt scan or photograph very well at all so I think I need to redo it... before midnight tonight :D

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