Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Deep and meaningful... Religion

This is a goodie. As you are most likely all aware, I am a member of an online crafting forum, acutally I am a member of several, but one in particular is one that I enjoy, alot. i have made soem great friends, sent some cool presents and rak's, received some brilliant rak's and presents back. But now, I'm stuck.
There is a large community of ladies professing to be of the Christian faith. Thats fine and wonderful, and biggups. However, how come Its classed as disrespectful to mention (very very kindly I might add) that putting a weekly Bible verse challenge on the main message boards is a tad inappropriate? this isn't a normal PHBB board either - so its not like one can avoid certain topics etc, nup, as soon as you log in all the threads are there and this Bible one is starting to freak me out, yes there are over 4000 members in this community, yes I am one of a very very small minority that has posted (2 have posted, more have emailed me) but does it make sense??? am I really being rude by asking for this to stay of the board and would be better off on a blog somwhere?
I was always under the impression that one shouldnt speak of politics and religion to avoid conflict....
The only negative comment I have about Christianity is the hypocrisy. I do not deal well with someone saying they are a "good Christian" and then living in a way totally against their relgion. Just because I am not a Christian doesn't mean I'm a bad person, or that I can't be a good person, but I shouldn't have to get picked on because of my opinions. I am noticing more and more in my life that relgion is pretty much bought up all over the place - from finding Christian phamplets on my desk at work, to the homeless man saying "bless you" and oh my... do NOT get me started on those that tell me they will pray for me. If you want to pray, do so in your own mind and without telling me. Im sure I can rant on for hours, but this will be enough, I would welcome all comments - even if you really think i am being a cow- actually, ESPECIALLY if you think Im being a cow!


Tona said...

Hi Danice. I don't think you're being a cow. I'm kind of with you on this one. There are plenty of places out there for people who choose to share their faith whether through e-mails or layouts, or whatever. More power to em...but I don't think that the forum where it's at is the best place. It kind of makes me feel like something is being shoved in my face whether I want to hear about it or not. Again,to them I would say, whatever floats your boat more power to you just don't expect me to pick up an ore & row with you.
Is it hurting anybody?...probably not. Is it making some people uncomfortable?...probably. Is that what that site is supposed to be about?...NO
Okay, there's my 2 cents for whatever it's worth.

NanaBeth said...

You know my feelings-I'm with you. I'm just waiting for your card to get here, then I will post a picture of all my kiwi cards with a big thank you-'cuz I want everyone to see how wonderful you are. Than I shall post to the Bible thread! I'm afraid if I post the bible thing first-no one will look at the cards. Of course only my kiwis, Tona, and MamaSheg ever look at my shit anyway.

NanaBeth said...

And if you're a cow-you are a very cute cow!

Nic said...

I would equate it with offering a challenge based around political leanings, or annual income - its personal and its not really done to force your view on either on someone else. And you know I go to church too LOL I love you cowgirl!

Kelly said...

LOL.... you're such a cow! NOT!! :)

No, I don't think it wrong to ask that a topic like that (ie one that is KNOWN to cause all sorts of debates and arguments) be kept off a forum. Unless the topic is specifically related to the forum reason for being and just happens to be religious. In my few, there are quite a few people from a particular country that seem to think religion defines you as being good or not.
To me, religion is a deeply personal thing, akin to vegetarian or not or National or labour, or gay or straight.... none of those things make you a "good" person or not and neither does the religion you favour. Would these same people be putting up a thread to debate who you went to bed with, or why you won't eat meat or whatever?