Thursday, September 11, 2008

How bloody happy - It's FRIDAY!

Well, It's Friday tomorrow at least.
I went to the gym today, I'm being pretty ok about it, I go most days even if I don't do all that I'm meant to - 20 minutes on the x trainer??? bollocks.
But I have learnt a lesson not to daydream and piss around with your Ipod while on the treadmill.
I fell OFF the treadmill, STOOD on my freaking Ipod (yes - the NEW one!) that I had put another 2gb of music on just today - one of my workmates has an excellent taste in music so I borrowed his CD's to get some more old school songs - even had Poi E and One night in Bangkok, however I am digressing. So I fell off the treadmill, broke the ipod, and all done with total clumsiness in front of........ the only cute guy I have EVER seen at the gym. he was trying so hard not to laugh.......... and what was I meant to do? I was giggling all embarrassed... though right, back to it. And the blimmin treadmill wouldn't work!!!!!!!!!!!I gave up and came home.
then was really naughty and ate some chicken nibbles. oops. oh well I'll eat better tomorrow.
Hope everyone does have a laugh - it would make me feel better that I have provided some sort of amusement.. (except the cute guy, damn embarrassing and Derek will no doubt find that the most amusing part of the whole story!)


NanaBeth said...

The movie is worthless. There's about 60 seconds of full frontal nudity-covered discretely by a cigar box. He does have a fine ass however.

Niella said...

LOL Danice...I did have a lil' giggle whilst reading this...did Mr. Cute guy help you? Or was he on a treadmill as well trying not to fall off?

LOL!! Loved reading this post:):)


Ann said...

I promise i am not laughing!
....ok, maybe just a wee giggle ;-)

Shame your ipod was a casualty.

See you on Thursday night....yep, i'll be there.

jessie said...

Oh gutted! Claim insurance?! I've been away off busy for awhile, looking forward to getting heaps more pages done!