Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday has arrived.... with the Sun!

and it is glorious! SO glorious that I couldn't manage to get my bum out of bed this morning, was easier to text the boss to say I was going to be late.... 2 hours late even :D
and now the day seems to be flying past- its 1pm and I'm meant to leave at 2.30.. although seeing as I was two hours late, it would be nice of me to stay an hour late to make up the time... but I never said I was nice, and on a day like today, I want to be at home.. tucked up in my scrap room busy doing stuff, what stuff you ask? well I have finished a couple of things but need to scan and post them on the various boards, one is the bossy scrapper that I did last night, and I cant wait to see Nic's version!! for those that don't know what the bossy scrapper is, its in the Scrapbook Studio forum, a bunch of ladies go to the chat room and piss around while taking instructions from the boss, theres no wrong or right so long as you follow the basic instructions and interpret them yourself, its a good way to get a quick layout done, AND its fun to see the different interpretations from different people!
I went out on Sat night to the Howick Club, the oldies are great fun, and the drinks are very cheap, the food is good too! I was well behaved and home before 12am, sober too!!!
Now I'm waiting for Thursday -who's going to the NZ Scrapbook product preview!???
not a bad layout AND we get a mini transparent album!!!


TracyP said...

bah can't come to this product preview my MIL arrives that day!! Never mind, I'll be there for the next one!! For sure!

NanaBeth said...

Goodness not smoking is having all kinds of wonderful effects on you. Just had to bitch-air cleaner threw a blade last night, sounded like a 747 trying to take off. It wouldn't shut off, so while trying to unplug it, I knocked my scanner off the desk and killed it. Here's the thing-there was a surge protector with 4 open outlets 10" away from the air cleaner-where did boytoy have it plugged in? Behind the big screen t.v. of course which is why I knocked my scanner off. He is sinking deeper and deeper into the shit pile.

harbourgal said...

lol... I totally agree it was far to nice to be working yesterday. I might be at NZ Scrapbook... you know me, I am always there ;O). Have been meaning to tell you I am now addicted to those xtra berry mints. A little packet doesn't last long now.

Sonya said...

Hi Danice, Just had a read through your blog- I should be doing other stuff- but well Im easily side tracked. Your blog rocks! You sound like such a fun person!