Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's are reveal days

For the Sketchbook Olympics... so now I can post the cutesy thing I did for a friends wee baby, I did the layout then stuck it on canvas so she can hang it on the wall.
The challenge was water themed...and if you look in the gallery, its a sea of blue (excuse the pun) with my pinkie bits sticking out like a sore thumb :D for those that know my work, this is my fave style, lots of flowers, distressed edges and PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS. I took the clear tape away from the a in the frame so you cant see it, and I added some Heidi Grace heart pins to the top flower to stick out that side too, I just forgot to take a picture tho cos I'm good like that.
Next weeks challenge is umm dare I say it BORING! its an outdoor adventure/outing.... how original, and I sound cynical cos I don't like doing challenges about WHAT to scrap, I like challenges saying what techniques or products I need to use. Not gonna stop me doing it I suppose but still, doubtful it will be exciting


Sandra aka Mummy said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I just love it Dana
Fantastic work

Anonymous said...

ohhh its beautiful, I am sure your friend will adore it.
Christine C

Tona said...

I love this! It turned out great with all the layering of the flowers & the different shades of pink.

NanaBeth said...

You realize I could have had a field day with the Secret Sis questionnaire.
However I restrained myself. Like what technique would you like to try-or what size do you scrap? But I was good in a manner of speaking.
This is of course just beautiful and I still hate you for having people to scrap pretty stuff for.

Roo said...

That's a cool lo, I love all the layered flowers

Kelly said...

oh that is so awesome! I could lend you some of our "outdoor adventure" photos ....I only have about 5 million of them to do and it's bloody unlikely I'll get round to doing it this round. Again! LOL

jessie said...

Woo hoo! Go girl! You need to get some kids of your own to scrap! haha.. I'm so selfish, all my scraping so far is for me! How are you?? xx