Friday, September 19, 2008

Product Previews

I went to Product preview of NZ Scrapbook last night, the new Graphic 45 stuff, not partiuclary my thing but good fun and I got to take my girlfriend Carla, Carla is my bestie and so very active and social and all those things that I dont really do so well, (unless its scrap related of course)
So I took my wee virgin mate along to welcome her into my world... and the lil tart was fine!
I was all ready to help her out with cutting things and doing this and showing her that... nup not needed, she did it all on her own and a fab job too. It makes me remember that scrapbooking IS simple, well it can be anyway... just not in my nature to do uncomplicated things!
I went to do Dr to whinge about being "fat". Dont give me the lecture, I am well aware I'm not fat and I am better off than lots of people, however, for ME, I feel bad, I was eating too much, I ate sugar like it was going out of fashion and I'm down to one pair of jeans and a few maternity tops.... It gets boring, so I figured my nice dr would assist me in some way, and she did! she laughed. then stopped laughing when she saw I was going to cry, then asked my height and weighed me and was saying "your'e nowhere... oh yes I see you are a little over maximum healthy weight range" - I did laugh then cos I'm not that bad! those "suggested weight vs height" things are always stupid, says I'm healthy at 48kgs...... not bloody likely!
So anyway wandered out fo the dr's with some pill thingies to help stabilise my weight, so long as I eat properly and keep up the gym work, I should not gain any more weight, except for muscles... (snigger - can you see me in a flash singlet flexing my muscles?? nah didnt think so LOL)
So anyway moving along, plans for the weekend include going to NZ Scrap for a crop tomorrow, best I start and finish the Olympic challenge which is the slightly boring outdoor adventure theme (terribly sorry if the girls from there read my writing but I cant be too enthused about this one!)


NanaBeth said...

Wouldn't it be neat if you had a picture of an outhouse to scrap for your "outdoor" theme.
For the record-I have huge biceps-as in big guns.
Congratulations on your Fiska-win!

Kelly said...

Hey Fatso!!!!!

:P Sorry, just couldn't resist LOL!

oooh - what did you win?? Sounds like you have a great LSS up there.

Danice said...

LMAO Kellie... funny tart!

i dunno what i won.. Beth! tell me what i won!

Nic said...

You won a set of steak knives, but wait! there's more - you also win Crap in a Pack, so you too can create some crappo cards! YAY! guess who sponsored THAT prize pack ROFL

NanaBeth said...

Boy Toy said to tell thank you for the candy bars. He ate the ones with the coconut in them.