Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well. I have been doing stuff, true! Saturday was fantastic meeeting lots of Sketchbook girls, loved seeing the layouts come together too, amazing how fast some ladies can create masterpeices!!! of course I managed to fly through the whole half a layout that I haven't touched again yet..... So I thought I might post some layouts I have half arsed done recently.... half arsed because I haven't done titles, I dont know what to call it but I do think I'll use some hidden journalling on one.

These two layouts are done using the Birdsong range of Kaiser papers.. LOVE this range and as per normal I was thinking I would use one particular side, and ended up using the other side! the Scavenger Hunt is for the Sketchbook Olympics.. and outdoor adventure.

I'm noticing its getting closer to SENZ... all I can say is YAY! I don't have to pack much scrap stuff, just my tools and clothes and thats it! So no concern over how much my bags will weigh either!

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