Sunday, October 5, 2008

has everyone had a great weekend!?

I sure have! Started off by completing a layout on Friday night, nice layout too but not going to show yet. Then Saturday I went to New Lynn Savemart with Carla and had a ball, 3 hours later, I walked out not only with one pair of jeans but TWO pairs of jeans that fit me! so now I actually have 4 pairs of jeans that fit me, and a new bunch of mills and boons, although I did get a "real" book so I can look semi intellegent on the plane for Wellington, although that will be pretty early in the morning so the chances of me looking even a tiny bit intelligent is remote!
Then last night Carla and I went to the pub, first time in ages we've been out let alone local instead of town, a little bit of imbibing went on and we rolled in the door at 2.30am... GREAT night!
but the bad side of that is that I wasn't able to stick to my low/no carb eating plan (malibu, coke, tequila and other weird liquers have high carbs)
and plus even if the bottles did have a nutritional table on them It would have been far to difficult for me to read.
So this morning I was spoilt and Carla's mum Beryl made me an omlette (yummo and it was rather nice having someone cook for me)
and I came home and went shopping... AGAIN!
the deal was that I still needed clothes for work, I spent quite a full on 6 hours walking from shop to shop to shop, also caught up with Liz and dragged her around and vice versa didnt end up with too much but enough to get me by.
Now tho, I'm tired! and my legs are sore, but I feel a little less guilty about drinking and eating the left over fried rice at 2.30am in a drunken munchie state!
I only have Monday, Tues and Weds at work this week, I took Thursday off for "packing" and I also have next Monday off too for recovery!
Day light savings is still giving me a bit of trouble. I stay up too late and sleep in too much, so I'm off to organise my stuff for tomorrow.
have a great Monday !!

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Tracy L said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I can't drink anymore; more than a couple and I am sick for a week afterwards!! That's getting old for you... lol at the fried rice at 2.30am!! I vaguely remember doing things like that...